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Born in Passaic, NJ June 1950
My formative years where I loved the outdoors I enjoyed being a Boy Scout, camping, and hiking.
I purchased a telescope with money I made from a newspaper route. I loved star gazing.  Still do.

1970 I Graduated from the New York Institute of Photography
Here I learned the basics of composition, exposure, film processing, etc. along with the history of photography.

1971 I worked for a Large Commercial Studio in NYC.
I worked as an assistant photographer loading and unloading 8X10 film. I loaded the camera with the film holder, cocked the shutter, and waited for the photographer to make the exposure. Then I did it all over again, making sure the camera was ready for the photographer.

1977-80 I worked for a Commercial Studio in Miami Fla.
I continued to work as an assistant, but also had opportunity to work as the main photographer. We used primarily large format cameras.  We photographed jewelry, products, fashion, and even room settings.

1982 I started my own full time studio.
After moving to Lexington, KY. I started my own photography business.  A few years later I decided to specialize in Architectural Photography. Since declaring my specialty, I have been pleased to help my clients win many awards, attract new clients with advertising using my award winning photographs and have been published in many magazines.

2008 I began branching out to include fine art landscape photography.
All the years of large format training, along with the discipline of Architectural photography, it was a natural to start shooting the landscape.  I do not approach this as a whim, pointing my camera at a beautiful sunset.  No, it’s a discipline as well.  Camera mounted on a tripod, composition carefully considered, exposure checked and then waiting on the light to be perfect.

2011 I was asked to be the photographer for KY Homes and Garden Magazine
I have had the joy of being invited into the many beautiful homes thru out Kentucky.

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